Our Impact

At GoodBrews, we love our coffee, but what truly fills our cup is what happens after we've finished our morning brew.

50% of our profits are donated to environmental conservation groups actively working on climate restoration, reforestation, animal rescue, and environmental research.

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Our Partners

SOS Mata Atlântica

SOS Mata Atlântica is deeply committed to the conservation of the Atlantic rainforest, one of the most endangered biomes in the world, with less than 16% of its original area remaining. SOS Mata Atlântica focuses on ecosystem restoration, public policy influence, and environmental education to safeguard the future of this precious biome.

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Projeto TAMAR

Recognized globally for its pioneering work, Projeto TAMAR aims to protect sea turtle species from extinction along the Brazilian coastline. They implement robust conservation strategies including research, environmental education, and community engagement, ensuring that the endangered sea turtles continue to thrive in their natural habitats.

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Iniciativa Verde

Internationally recognized for its commitment to environmental sustainability, Iniciativa Verde is dedicated to restoring Brazil's native forests. Through comprehensive reforestation projects, they actively engage communities, foster environmental education, and drive impactful conservation efforts.

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