1k+ Trees Planted!

Coffee With A Mission

Save the planet one coffee at a time. For every coffee purchased, we donate to environmental conservation projects. It's that simple.

What would you do to save our planet? Would You Even...

switch your coffee?

From saving sea turtles to replanting the rainforest, we donate 50% of our profits to organizations that support environmental conservation.


Great coffee deserves a great mission

Taste Good. Do Good.

Let's be honest with each other. You have a lot of coffee choices out there. Our goal is to deliver the best coffee you've ever had AND put it to work protecting our planet. Each cup of our coffee is the result of meticulously selected premium beans, combined with our expertly refined roasts.

Our Coffee

Activism Made Accessible

Saving The Planet Has Never Been Easier

Our commitment to environmental activism means every cup of coffee you enjoy contributes to vital conservation efforts. From reforesting the Atlantic Rainforest to protecting endangered species, your daily brew makes a direct impact in preserving our planet's endangered ecosystems and biodiversity.

Our Story

Environmentalism Through Community

Delivering Impact Through Local Organizations

We are honored to collaborate with organizations making a tangible environmental impact. While we can talk all about how great our products are, the truth is our local partners are what make our coffee so special. We invite you to join this community, from directly volunteering to simply choosing our coffee.

Our Impact

Customers Say

“GoodBrews is NOTICEABLY better than other coffee I've had. It's smooth, it's fresh, and tastes.. well... GOOD. Keep up the good work y'all! Can't wait for tomorrow's coffee.”

- Tyler K.

“I ordered my coffee and it arrived the next day. The coffee itself smelled sensational and the flavor was delicious!”

- Sergio B.

Where do you get your coffee?


We source our coffee from a variety of farms in Brazil and across Latin America. Our expert roasters work diligently to create delicious, unforgettable coffee.

How does purchasing GoodBrews Coffee support environmental conservation?


Every bag of GoodBrews Coffee you purchase funds environmental projects focused on conserving Brazil's biodiverse habitats. This includes supporting local organizations, like Projeto TAMAR, SOS Mata Atlântica, and GoodBrews organized projects.

While the exact amount contributed to these projects varies by product and production batch, we're proud to say we've consistently met our goal to contribute between 30% and 50% of our net proceeds directly to conservation partners and projects!

Can I subscribe to regular deliveries?


Absolutely! You can subscribe to have GoodBrews Coffee delivered right to your door as often as you'd like.

Subscribers enjoy a discount and can adjust, pause, or cancel their subscription at any time.

How do you decide what partners or projects to support?


As a company, we place a firm emphasis on transparency, honesty, community, and impact. We expect the same from our partners.

GoodBrews only ever works with partners that have a successful track record of executing on their mission, have clean and accessible financial records, and an extensive history of community engagement.

If there is an organization you'd like to see us with with, send us an email at info@good-brews.com


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