Our Story

GoodBrews was founded like any other good idea – a discussion between friends over a cup of coffee. As a coffee-for-good venture, we're built on a straightforward, simple concept:
environmentalism should be easy.

We were able to build a model where 50% of our profits are donated directly to environmental conservation projects and all our community needs to do is... drink coffee! Crazy right?

Want to join our community and start saving the planet? Check our our coffee!

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Preserve Brazil's Endangered Ecosystems

Brazil is home to two biodiversity hotspots, six terrestrial biomes, three vast marine ecosystems, and hosts over 70% of the world's known flora and fauna. This rich biodiversity is under existential threat, urgently needing active conservation to ensure its preservation.


Make Environmentalism As Easy As Drinking A Cup Of Coffee.

We believe the most sustainable form of environmental activism is the kind we build into our daily routines. By creating simple, easy ways to contribute to conservation efforts, we engage more people in our mission, deliver larger projects, and drive more consistent, sustainable impact.

Our Team

Gabe – Product

Originally from São Paulo, Gabe leverages his deep understanding of Brazilian coffee culture and his expertise as an industrial/systems engineer to develop high-quality, efficient, and transparent supply chains. His roots and engineering skills combine to ensure excellence and integrity in every cup.

Mackenzie – Marketing

Mack has a robust background in steering corporate social responsibility initiatives and fundraisers. Her experience has been pivotal in aligning our marketing efforts with impactful social causes, driving awareness and engagement that transcend traditional marketing.

Michael – Partnerships

Michael, born and raised in Brazil like his brother, Gabe, excels in cultivating partnerships with NGOs and navigating high-impact organizations in Brazil. His expertise ensures our projects not only reach their goals, but also create lasting environmental and social benefits.


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